30 Families to show reality of “Getting By”

A search is underway for 30 Liverpool families to take part in landmark study charting the struggles facing low income households in 21st Century Britain.

The Getting By? project will reveal the pressures faced by thousands of low income households coping with everything from wage freezes and welfare cuts to spiraling energy costs and unmask the realities hidden behind government employment statistics.

The project will document the spending of 30 low income families over 12 months and ultimately aims to influence political debate ahead of the 2015 general election by highlighting the stark spending choices faced by working households.

Paul Kyprianou, of Getting By?: “Rising employment statistics mask a struggle faced by thousands of low income working families as benefits shrink and the cost of basic necessities goes up.

“Getting By? is about shining a spotlight on the realities faced by families subsisting on the living wage; telling their stories and documenting the pressures they are under.”

Families taking part will be asked to keep records of their household spending for a year and take part in a series of interviews with Getting By? researchers. The themes that emerge from their ‘stories’ will be highlighted on the website, with a platform  for public debate, and through a book gathering together the families’ responses that will be published at the end of the project.

The project is looking for volunteer households with at least one member either in part-time, or full-time employment, temporary or permanent and who is also on a low wage (at or below the ‘living wage’ rate of £7.65 an hour). They will be a mix of private rented, owner occupier and housing association tenants and will include families from different ethnic backgrounds and family members with disabilities.

Families will receive a payment of £250.00 at the end of the project as a gesture of thanks from project organisers. Their involvement will be kept strictly confidential, unless they are happy to be interviewed as part of the film record of the project.

Households interested in taking part should call 0151 705 3000 or email info@gettingby.org.uk by November 30th or can get more information at www.gettingby.org.uk.

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