A final report of all the research we have gathered will be published once the project itself is complete.

The initial idea for Getting By? came from North Liverpool CAB and was influenced by the ‘Round About A Pound A Week’ project launched 100 years in London by the Fabian Society. The project captured the daily budgets of 30 Lambeth families over a four year period to produce a unique portrait of the pressures facing working people.

The project was then conceived following the Mayor of Liverpool’s Hope Conference which focussed on a co-ordinated city-wide approach to tackling poverty. The Mayoral Action Group on Fairness and Tackling Poverty works with stakeholders to co-ordinate a city-wide approach to promoting fairness, tackle poverty and support those citizens suffering from hardship in the current climate of austerity.

The 30 Families

We will interview 30 families over the courses of the Getting BY? project.

Initial Findings

We will be publishing our research from the participating families as soon as we are able.

Getting By? documents the spending of 30 low income families over 12 months.

Each family records their household spending over the period and take part in a series of interviews with our community researchers.

Families are interviewed five times over the 12 months and keep a monthly record of their spending and any important events in the household. All records will be confidential, unless you specifically agree to take part in filming that is taking place as part of the project. As a way of thanking people for their time in being involved families will receive a small payment of £250 at the end of the project.